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Level 5  2011-12

Second year was all about experimenting.  

An accident at Tipton in 1922 when 19 young

girls were killed in a munitions accident inspired

Chris to try to create a piece of work in their

memory.  The Gosta Green campus offered

many facilities that Chris explored.  The textiles

department offered help and advice when using

sewing machines for embroidery, something

Chris used extensively to create fabric with

names and slogans.  At this time Chris

experimented with burning material to evoke

a sense of destruction, identity and sadness.  

Gosta Green also offers the services of a

workshop with a laser-etching facility, which

Chris used extensively.

Chris embroidered a sampler as if it was the work of 14-year-old Gladys Williams, the only

girl to survive the accident.  She embroidered 19 faceless children, along with some of their names.  "I

heard a fizz", was a phrase mentioned by an

eye witness to the accident.



embroidery silks on linen

45 x 22 cm

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