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the art of chris hardy

​After many years involved in science and

engineering and a Masters degree in

surface engineering, a career change enabled

Chris to gain a First Class Honours degree

in Fine art.  


Chris is continuing to develop a wide variety of

projects including installations, paintings, collage  

and textiles.  Her work ranges from historical themes

to light-hearted ventures with serious undertones.  

More recently she has returned to her first love of


Bert Hardy 1916-1983.  Chris's father took an interest in art and particularily photography from an early age.   He was a registered ARPS photographic judge, lectured on photographic techniques and was a founder member of Aston Photographic Club, Birmingham.  He won numerous awards for his landscape and portrait photographs throughout his life, many taken of Chris as a child. 


Eliza Doolittle


Bert Hardy

Ilford bromide print

51 x 41 cm

site updated January 2021

site created March 2013

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